Low Gravity Event

Low Gravity Event

Low Gravity is an event in which players must protect the Earth from the invasion and influence of alien visitors. Unknown perpetrators have modified gravity, which affects the way players and their opponents behave. Heroes of Harran during the event will:

  • jump higher than before
  • fall much slower
  • avoid taking damage when falling
  • use a grappling hook that allows players to quickly pull them towards a target

The event will be accompanied by challenges in which players will receive special rewards for completing. For defeating 100 enemies participating in the local event, players will be awarded the V-27 Chameleon Machete (gold), while in the global event, for eliminating 100,000,000 infected, players will receive 3 King upgrades.
In connection with the event, we also prepared for players the opportunity to buy a unique package of weapons and skins – Astronaut. It was created to help players fight in the new conditions dictated by aliens and defend Earth against invaders from outer space. The pack contains the following items accompanied by unique modifications:

  • Laser rifle – The V-23 Eraser – with laser ammo and a chance to burn enemies
  • Stasis pistol – The V-40 Suspender – that’ll put enemies in stasis with every last shell in the magazine
  • Machete – The V-27 Shifter – that changes its effect after several consecutive hits
  • Outfit – The V-9 Defender Suit – with fall damage reduction
  • Buggy skin – The V-39 Star Rover

The Astronaut pack is available for purchase starting from $2.99 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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