Go “LOW-POLY” with Dying Light’s Free Unturned Weapon Pack

Go “LOW-POLY” with Dying Light’s Free Unturned Weapon Pack

Completely new Unturned-inspired gear is great for starting players, but also fun for seasoned Survivors.

Unturned Dying Light Free DLC

Just like our past Left 4 Dead 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare crossovers, the Unturned event is accompanied by a special set of gear that you can enjoy for free. The Unturned Weapon Pack (already available on Steam) offers a unique outfit and blueprints for three completely new “low-poly” weapons modeled after Unturned items.

The Rake, the Machete, and the Hockey Stick are perfect for a starting player, because they can be crafted without using any base weapon, consume little stamina and are almost indestructible. Their extreme durability and the fact that their damage scales to player level also make them a reliable backup gear for a seasoned Survivor. While they deal moderate damage, expect to hack off limbs and crack skulls quite often. Download the Unturned Weapon Pack now and see for yourselves how you like the new additions to the arsenal.

P.S. Although the Unturned crossover event is exclusive to Steam, we’ll soon bring this free weapon pack to console players too.

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