Fight for a safer future with Volkan Combat Armor Bundle

Fight for a safer future with Volkan Combat Armor Bundle

Arm yourself with advanced spec ops gear designed by Volkan Corporation for efficient zombie population control.

volkan combat armor bundle dlc dying light

At Volkan Corporation, we’ve dedicated all of our resources to turning a dream of a safer future into reality. The latest creations of our Hi-Tech Weapons Division will turn you into an elite soldier of tomorrow, capable of neutralizing any threat with unprecedented efficiency.

Dying Light – Volkan Combat Armor Bundle Trailer

At the heart of the Volkan Combat Armor Bundle lies the greatest achievement of our talented engineers – the Volkan Combat Assault Rifle. Designed based on endless analyses of real combat scenarios, this state-of-the-art weapon comes with built-in silencer for stealth, and reflex sight for maximum precision. Our patented ammo storage technology made it possible to upgrade the clip, which holds more bullets than you’d expect from its size. This breakthrough was also crucial for developing The Volkan Combat Pistol as it will let you fully enjoy impressive rate of fire and burst mode of this ultimate sidearm. If you still happen to run out of bullets, you can cut down any remaining infected with the razor-sharp composite blade of the futuristic Volkan Combat Sword.

In addition to blueprints for these three excellent weapons, you will receive an outfit (Volkan Combat Armor) and a buggy paint job (Volkan Combat Buggy). Get your Volkan Combat Armor Bundle today!

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